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Tile has been used for millennia to impress the masses. Gorgeous tile mosaics can be seen on the inside of famous churches or on the outside walls of art buildings in Philadelphia.

There is no doubt that tile is one of the most popular types of flooring. This is characteristically true for bathrooms and kitchens. Those pursuing a clean look turn to tile because it is a greatly reflective material. It radiates light throughout kitchens and bathrooms. This makes the rooms more pleasant to be in.

Tile comes in an assortment of shapes, colors and patterns. From the very ornate to the plain, tile can become the center of attention of a room. Or, tile can simply accent other more prominent and unique features of a room.

In picking tile is it particularly important to make sure it hasn’t been manufactured cheaply. This is because cheap tile is known to crack at the edges. Furthermore, once one piece breaks, it can compromise the structurally integrity of all the others.

When correctly selected, however, tile can be more durable than wood, carpet, or vinyl flooring. In fact, the quality tile may be the most resilient flooring option obtainable.

Although it is commonplace to envisage a bathroom or kitchen with tile, few see other applications. This is unfortunate because there are so many. For instance, tile can be the perfect flooring solution for a “mud room” or entryway. It is also good for pantries and places where food might be stored. Tile is virtually impermeable and stalwartly mold-resistant.

This leads in the practical advantages of tile flooring.

Tile is very easy to clean. If properly installed, tile will resist mildew and bacteria in a manner unsurpassed by any other flooring option as well. That is why tile is seen so often in bathrooms and kitchens. These are the two very places where germs and microorganisms breed. This is because there is considerably more moisture in both places as a result of sinks, showers, dishwashers, etc.

A wood floor in a bathroom simply makes no sense. The wood would almost always be damp, and encourage fungi to grow. This can be harmful to anyone when consistency exposed.

Another stand-out feature of tile is its longevity. Most tile is either made out of stone or ceramic. Both of these materials are recognized for their strength as well as their virtual impermeability. If the tile is installed properly, there is no reason for tile not to outlast carpet, wood, or laminate flooring by decades. Tiles which are thousands of years old can found on the floors of windowless places of worship virtually intact. This is not the case for wood, and of course not carpeting.

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